In November 2011, I set off for Sicily after deciding to take a year or more out to undertake a photography project of Sicily. I had visited Sicily the previous year on holiday and realized the potential for some creative and interesting photography.

The diverse and different subjects were always of interest to me. The people have very interesting faces especially the older people. At first the people are very guarded when approached for a photograph, then with a smile most would very naturally pose for a few shots. Sicilian architecture is always a statement of interest and beauty. Over the centuries, various different nations occupied Sicily including Germanic, Byzantine, Arab, Norman as well as Greek and Roman. This is shown in the historic buildings, churches and ruins. The coast and seas have amazing vibrant colours and the landscape is lush and green. The mountainous areas have been a pleasure to photograph although sometimes difficult to find the best viewpoint to take the shot from. In every mountain area there is old towns and villages built into the side or on the top of the highest areas. These are always fascinating towns with the most amazing views. Sicily has been very rewarding to photograph as well as having the feel for a never-ending photography project. I have many places to photograph and hope to be able to continue one day.

After one year, I have accumulated around 1700 photographs of various locations, people and scenes of Sicily. As time goes by, I will publish more photos for you to view. Please feel free to comment or discuss on either my Guestbook page or my Blog Hopefully I shall be returning to Sicily sometime to continue my project as I estimate I have only got 50% of the photographs I would wish to create in Sicily.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs, please feel free to leave your comments.

“Arrivederci e si prega di godere la mia fotografia di Sicilia “



3 Comments on “About”

  1. anna kourt says:

    I was present when a lot of these were taken and Martin certainly did them justice and captured what were truly magnificent scenes.

  2. Stephen Panayiotou says:

    This is very interesting work. I have never been to Sicily, but after reviewing Martin’s work i will definitely make the effort and go. It seems well depicted and puts one’s imagination to work.

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